Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Day Trip to Cambridge

The day after I finished my degree I joined some of my friends on a spontaneous trip to Cambridge. One of my friends lives about a half an hour from the Cambridge itself, so we drove into the centre to have a look around.

I’d never been to Cambridge, so it was really nice to explore somewhere new. Luckily the weather was amazing, so we could stroll around in the sunshine.

Cambridge was kind of exactly how I imagined it would be: beautiful buildings, cobbled streets, lots of nice shops and restaurants, and so many bikes.

After wandering around for a bit and going in a fudge shop, we decided to be typical tourists and go punting. There are representatives from the different punting tour companies dotted all around the city, so we asked for quotes from a couple of them. For students the general price seemed to be around £15, but as there was a large group of us we got it for £12 each.

The trip along the river took 45 minutes; our tour started from the middle of the river, so took us down one end and then back up the other. From the river you get to see many of the University’s colleges, including King’s and Trinity. The guide also points out landmarks such as the Mathematical Bridge, which Isaac Newton supposedly originally designed without need for nuts or bolts.

A punting tour is definitely worth doing on a sunny day, but I can’t imagine that it’s much fun when it’s raining.

After the punting and a few obligatory group photos, we headed back to my friend’s house to enjoy the rest of the sun and have a BBQ.

I really enjoyed looking around Cambridge and would definitely make the trip to go back again!

Have you been to Cambridge before? What would you recommend doing in the city?


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