Saturday, 25 July 2015

10 Reasons I am Ready to be a Graduate

After four amazing but exhausting years at university, last week I graduated with my BA (Hons) English Literature with Creative Writing. I was/am in two minds about leaving uni; and during my final week or two, although I  was sick of the state of my student kitchen, I was also really sad to be doing my ‘lasts’ of everything student related.

As horrible as it was to say goodbye to my friends and leave the place that had been my home for the last few years, I am ready to move on and embrace graduate life. And here’s why…

18 years of education is enough

Yep that’s right. EIGHTEEN YEARS. No more exams, no more essays, no more judging success on a percentage score.

Graduating is fun

The graduation ceremony was so much fun. I want to wear robes all day every day.

Starting a career is genuinely exciting

So I might regret saying this in a few months’ time, but for now I’m looking forward to getting a job, meeting new people and learning new things.

There are only so many portions of baked beans on toast a person can eat

Student budget = student food. I’ve seen some odd combinations over my four years…

I’m too old for hangovers

Okay, I know 22 isn’t that old, but I’m very much welcoming the break from nights at the Students’ Union, and the hangovers that followed.

Student accommodation is not the one…

Whether it’s mouldy houses with landlords that completely take advantage of students, or the array of noises in campus accommodation that keep you up all night, I definitely don’t miss student accommodation.

… Especially student kitchens

You don’t want to get me started on how much I detest student kitchens. No, the sink is not a bin, people.

No one loves the laundrette

Having a washing machine in the same building as my wardrobe is still a novelty.

The library is no longer my second home

I was never one for all nighters, but I still spent a lot of time in the library, particularly in final year. This goodbye was not a sad one.

I can read for fun!

For a Literature graduate the end of uni means only one thing: reading can become a hobby once more.


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