Friday, 28 August 2015

Review: Bugsy Malone – Lyric Hammersmith

Last weekend I headed to the Lyric Hammersmith with my family to see the much raved-about production of Bugsy Malone. The show itself isn’t one I know that well, besides having seen a school production years ago and non-sequential bits of the 1976 film, but it was quite nice to go into the show with very few preconceptions.

I was also pretty excited to be visiting the Lyric for the first time. I love how the bar area looks simple and professional, as well as having a creative and informal feel to it. And I would definitely recommend factoring in enough time for a drink in the roof garden. The performance space itself still holds much of its original 19th century design, and is a lovely auditorium size where I would imagine you can see the stage well from wherever you are sitting. We were on the back row of the circle and had a perfect view.


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Review: All I Know Now - Carrie Hope Fletcher

By the time I finished my English Literature degree, I had countless lists of books I wanted to read for fun. Out of choice. Without anyone telling me to.

I would have liked to add to that ‘without having to analyse every tiny detail’, but unfortunately that’s an approach so deeply engrained in me, that it’s impossible to read  any other way!

Nevertheless, I knew I wanted to start off with something a little lighter than the Victorian poetry with which I’d finished off my degree. I wanted to read something positive, something chatty, and something written within the last decade at least. So I decided on Carrie Hope Fletcher’s non-fiction book, All I Know Now.


Monday, 24 August 2015

Boardmasters Festival 2015

Until last year I’d never actually been to a festival. Not a full-blown weekend camping type, anyway. I’m kind of sad that I left it so late, because I now love them. Having had the best time at Glastonbury last summer, I was really keen to go to at least one festival this year. I had to rule out a lot of June/July festivals due to being in America, and eventually settled on Boardmasters, partly because of the line-up and partly because I wanted to experience something on a completely different scale to Glasto.

I also gave vlogging another go whilst at the festival; Day One and Day Two are up already if you want to watch!

Boardmasters is a music and surfing festival, taking place in Newquay and attracting around 25,000 visitors into the area for the weekend. A standard weekend camping ticket costs around £130, although there are a number of VIP packages which I’d be tempted to try out if I had the money.


Monday, 17 August 2015

Now Playing/ Wishlist - August

How is it mid-August already?! It’s surprising how fast time is going when I’m not even working or studying, but August has been quite a busy month with birthday celebrations and going to Boardmasters Festival. I also finally got to see Gypsy at the theatre, which featured way back in my May Wishlist. It was even more incredible than I had anticipated, and a full review will be up soon!

But for now, here’s what I’ve had my eye on so far this month…heatrequite a busy month with birthday celebrations and going to Boardmasters Festival. I also finally got to se


Friday, 14 August 2015

10 Reasons I Will Miss Student Life

Seeing all the tweets about people receiving their A Level results and finding out which university they’ll be off to has really started to make it sink in that I’m not going back myself. Although I left for good back in June, I haven’t quite been able to accept the fact that I’m no longer a student yet. Honestly, it just feels like I’m home for summer and will be heading back for another year in September. Sad times.

Anyway, I thought I’d turn my misery into something a little bit productive, and give y’all (yep, my heart’s still stuck in Nashville) a response to my 10 Reasons I am Ready to be a Graduate post with 10 things I’m really going to miss about student life.


Monday, 3 August 2015

Travel: Nashville

After spending two nights in Washington, D.C., we got on a Greyhound coach and headed to Nashville. We knew that this wouldn’t be the most comfortable night’s sleep of our lives, and on reflection I definitely wouldn’t choose this method of travel again unless on an extremely tight budget. It wasn’t so much the coach itself that was the problem, it was more the continuous stopping and unloading of the coach that happened throughout the night, and some of the people also travelling with us.

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