Friday, 14 August 2015

10 Reasons I Will Miss Student Life

Seeing all the tweets about people receiving their A Level results and finding out which university they’ll be off to has really started to make it sink in that I’m not going back myself. Although I left for good back in June, I haven’t quite been able to accept the fact that I’m no longer a student yet. Honestly, it just feels like I’m home for summer and will be heading back for another year in September. Sad times.

Anyway, I thought I’d turn my misery into something a little bit productive, and give y’all (yep, my heart’s still stuck in Nashville) a response to my 10 Reasons I am Ready to be a Graduate post with 10 things I’m really going to miss about student life.

Living with my pals

One of the things I loved the most about university was living with my friends. My first year flat of fifteen was the best. It was like having a sleepover every night, and I loved that no matter what time of the day or night there would always be someone else who wanted to cook, chat or even join me on my crazy five minute essay breaks.

Being securely independent

University is an amazing stepping stone between living at home and living alone. I loved the ability to launch myself into living independently, whilst knowing that there were various security nets in place to catch me if I fell.

My shower

This sounds like a strange one, but for my final year I was lucky enough to be placed in halls of residence with an ensuite in my room. And I miss it already.

Wearing my dressing gown at all times

Even though it was a complete pain that most of my student accommodation was freezing cold, I can’t pretend I didn’t enjoy wearing my giant fluffy dressing gown over my clothes at all times. Anything to make essay-writing a little cosier.

Societies and Socials

Musical Theatre Society made my university experience a thousand times more fun, and a society social beats a normal night out every time.

Student Finance

Knowing that you had the next instalment of funds coming up was often enough to get you through weeks of scrounging for food in the back of your cupboards.

Student Discount

I still can’t get used to having to pay full price for my clothes in Topshop. FULL PRICE?! What an outrage.

Minimal hours

It’s common knowledge that arts students have the bare minimum contact hours, and whilst I will defend us to the death protesting that we have to work just as hard as anyone else, I did love the freedom of being able to structure my working hours in the ways that suited me best.

Having long holidays

How am I going to cope with going from five months to four weeks holiday a year?

Knowing what’s coming next

This goes for education in general really. For the first time in my life I have no one to tell me what stage is coming next. And it’s terrifying.



  1. The social side is what I miss most, just the convenience of having all your mates so close. It's gutting to wave goodbye to the discount too haha. I also agree that the first year after graduating is probably the most uncertain time of your life! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  2. I know, I'm finding it hard having to travel so far just to see my friends now! Just did my first topshop splurge without student discount - it was heartbreaking! xx


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