Sunday, 6 September 2015

Introducing Coco

If you follow me on TwitterInstagram or any other form of social media, you’ll probably already be aware that my family recently got a puppy. And be sick of me having nothing else to talk about. Hashtag unemployed life.

But just in case you are as much obsessed with puppies as I am, I thought I’d tell you a little bit more about her. Read: find yet another way to spam your feeds with her little face.

There had been talk at home about getting a dog for a while, but I never really thought it would actually happen. I found out about the puppy when I was in America. We were camping near the Grand Canyon at the time and had wandered over to the shower block to try and find some WiFi (probably to fix my Instagram withdrawal), when I saw that my mum had sent me photos of the puppy they had gone to visit. SURPRISE.

Coco is a Cavapoo, which is a cross between a Cavalier Spaniel and a Toy Poodle, and she’s now about three months old.

She’s got quite a dark coat on top, but is really fair underneath, and seems to be getting lighter by the day; we’re half convinced she’s going to drop all of her dark fur and turn completely blonde. (I don’t think blonde is really a canine term, but let’s just go with it).

I didn’t get a chance to meet Coco before she was brought home, but she is such a happy puppy and will be best friends with anyone who gives her attention.

She’s still a bit unsure of other dogs at the moment, especially big ones, but we’ve been taking her to puppy training classes and socialisation hours, which are really helping!

Getting a puppy is hard work – you can’t take your eyes of her for a second because she will eat anything she comes across, but she’s already pretty well house trained and has settled in so well.

Have you got any dogs? What are your favourite breeds?


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