Monday, 28 September 2015

Travel: Why Now?

If you follow me on Twitter then you might be aware that I’ve decided to put the grad job hunt on pause, and go travelling for just over seven weeks. If not, then SURPRISE!

This has never really been my plan. Having started the job hunt almost a year ago (with grad schemes and what not) I always kind of assumed that I’d come out of uni and start working pretty much straight away. But I suppose I never once stopped to think about why I thought I would do this or whether it was what I really wanted to do.

Since we got back from America (which you can read about here, here and here), Tom has been desperately trying to convince me to go travelling with him again. But for some reason I was adamant that I didn’t want to go. I think I was just wrapped up in this idea that I needed to get a job, move out and start life as soon as possible.

And even once I surprised myself by starting to change my mind and become tempted by the idea of travelling again, I had interviews lined up and didn’t want to waste these opportunities. But as of last week I have nothing. No commitments whatsoever.

It still wasn’t a simple decision. I went back and forwards for days changing my mind every five minutes and coming up with every possible reason why I shouldn’t go. But after many conversations, both internal and with other people, it became obvious. I had to go.

Why now?

I’m going to be a rebel and answer my question with another question (feel free to leave if this offends you): When else?

This is what it all came down to really. I knew that it was an area I wanted to visit at some point in my life, but in reality the opportunity isn’t likely to present itself again. There’s no other time in life when I’m guaranteed to have this much freedom and so few ties.


Two of our good friends are currently travelling around Southeast Asia so we are going to join them in Cambodia for about twenty days, as well as doing Singapore, parts of Malaysia and some of the Thai islands before we meet them.

Apart from booking our flights there and back and one internal flight, we’re not going to book anything else in advance, to give us the freedom to decide how long to stay in each place once we’re there. As an annoyingly organised person this makes me a bit twitchy, but I think it will be good for me to just live in the moment for a few weeks and stop planning everything I do so rigorously.

What will happen to A View from the Balcony?

One of the first things I thought about once I had decided to go, was what to do about blogging. As I saw it there were three options: take a seven week break from blogging, attempt to blog whilst out there, or spend the next month before we go frantically writing and scheduling posts.

I immediately ruled out taking a break, as I really don’t want to lose the momentum that I’ve worked so hard to build up recently. And as much as I would have loved to blog about travelling on the go, it would mean taking my iPad or relying on having occasional access to computers, neither of which I want to have to worry about. Plus, I think the quality of my travel posts will be much better if I write them up once I’m back.

So that left the one option of scheduling enough posts to keep A View from the Balcony going whilst I’m away. I’m not sure how frequent the posts will be yet; it depends how many I can get written!

I’m so excited about all the exciting content that travelling is going to give me, both on the blog and for videos. And of course there will be some more travel prep posts over the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for those...

Have you been travelling recently? Is there anything you would like to see me post about leading up to going, or once I am back?


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