Saturday, 24 October 2015

7 Things I've Learnt from Travelling America

Having now completed all of my posts about my trip around the States, I thought I would finish off with a little summary post, i.e. I’m not quite ready to let go just yet…

Plus, with my next travel adventure beginning next week, what better time to reflect on the things I learnt on my last trip, right?

Hopefully the following points will prove that I am now a wiser and more knowledgeable individual (hah, or at least stop me from making the same mistakes again).

Even when you think you’ve packed lightly, you’re wrong

I reduced my initial packing load by approximately 76 per cent, and still ended up nearly breaking my back within the first five minutes of landing.

Money doesn’t stretch far

X amount of dollars may sound like a reasonable amount per day, but once you’ve thrown in three meals, the minimum amount of water required to survive and the obligatory postcard to send home, you’ll be visiting all the free attractions you can fit in.

You will never have enough time to see or do everything

And there’s no point trying. You will burn yourself out and end up seeing nothing.  Of course, not being able to do everything you wanted to is just another excuse to return in the future…

Overnight coach journeys should always be a last resort

The $5 price tag may look attractive, but that’s about as good as you will feel when you get off at the other end too.

Vlogging in public is hard

This trip was my first attempt at vlogging, and yes, you can expect all the humiliation for talking to yourself. It doesn’t matter if there’s a camera in front of your face.

You cannot walk for 10 hours straight in one day

You’ll feel okay at the time, whilst the excitement of a new place keeps you going, but come the next morning, moving any more than one muscle at a time becomes a challenge.

No, the hat is not a good idea

Sure, a felt black floppy hat makes you look super chic on the one day you wear it, but what about the other 21 days when you have to carry it because it’s too big to fit in any of your three other bags?

Who knows if I will have learnt from any of my past mistakes, but here’s hoping that I will be boarding that plane next week with a rucksack lighter than my own body weight and minus any ridiculous hats.

What are your top travelling tips? Is there anything you would add to this list?


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