Sunday, 18 October 2015

The Sunday Brunch Post, Episode III

DISCLAIMER: Brunch still not included.

Wow, is it time for another Sunday Brunch post already?!

The last fortnight has mostly comprised of getting things sorted for travelling and trying to blog as much as I can.

I’m super happy to be able to say that I’ve really got ahead with my blogging schedule, so I’ll at least have some posts ready and scheduled to go live whilst I’m away.

Mildly interesting things that happened this fortnight:

  • My mum had a Thermomix demonstration done at home, which was so interesting. We made bread, soup, vegetable gratin and fruit sorbet. It made cooking so much easier and the food was of such good quality and very yummy. She’s now got one as part of her birthday present too, so I've been making a few things in there since.
  • I’ve been bowling twice in the last two weeks! I’m just as terrible as I remembered being. Maybe even worse.
  • You might have seen on Instagram or Twitter, but I finally took the plunge and got my hair cut short. I’ve been tempted to do it for a while, but have used travelling as an excuse to make myself do it. Hashtag short hair don’t care.
  • On Friday I got to catch up with two of my best girls with Mexican and wine (we missed you Mona!)

Things that have kept me entertained:

  • I’ve been pretty poor on the music/TV/reading front this fortnight, but I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos. Faves include The Michalaks, Lily Melrose and Meg Says.
  • I also introduced Tom to Tangled because he’d never seen it. What a great film.
  • I’ve had lots of great reading recommendations, so I’m going to do a little post on books I will be reading whilst I’m away. I’m very excited to have some dedicated reading time.

This fortnight’s haul:

  • I picked up two pairs of trousers from Primark, which will be perfect for travelling.
  • I had previously been stuffing my camera into an old camera case which was too small, so I treated myself to one which is a perfect fit!
  • A new Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge was necessary, as I managed to tear mine whilst trying to clean it. Seriously though, how to you clean these things without destroying them?!

Posts I’ve loved:

And finally, here’s a round-up of what I posted over the last two weeks, in case there’s anything you want to catch up on:

I’ve also been weekly vlogging this week, so that will be up on my YouTube channel tomorrow.

Anyway, no brunch for me today, as I’m off for my mum’s birthday lunch with the entire family. Bring on all the food.


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