Monday, 30 November 2015

Beauty: Makeup Revolution Beyond Flawless Eyeshadow Palette

I got the Makeup Revolution Beyond Flawless eyeshadow palette at the same time as the Day to Night palette, and I think I might be bold and claim to love it even more. Woah, nothing can hold me back today.

Beyond Flawless is one of Makeup Revolution’s 32 shade Ultra palettes; they have six altogether and I am so tempted by them all. Especially Mermaids Forever. I don’t even wear bright-coloured eyeshadows but it is just so pretty to look at. Plus, mermaids… Do I need another excuse?


Monday, 23 November 2015

8 Things I Miss When I’m Away

This photo is from a completely unrelated trip to St Lucia
As you read this I will be four weeks into travelling in Asia, and although (at the time of writing) I’m am so excited to go and am sure I’m having an amazing time, there are always things you miss when away. The home comforts and things you can’t quite squeeze into your suitcase.

This list excludes the obvious ones like friends and family, of course (hi mum)!


Monday, 16 November 2015

Beauty: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

I bought the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation on Sarah Ashcroft’s recommendation, as she said in a video that it was the best foundation that she had ever used. And I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to look like Sarah Ashcroft?

Plus, as I generally have dry skin, I’m always keen for any product which claims to give you a ‘healthy glow’ and ‘hydrated & luminous skin’.

The only Bourjois products I’d used before this foundation were eye products, so I had no idea whether the foundation would agree with my skin – I was purely going on this recommendation.


Monday, 9 November 2015

What I’m Reading Whilst I’m Away

One of the things I’m always most excited about when going on any kind of trip, is guaranteed reading time, whether that’s on the plane, by a pool or during the evening when there are no other possible distractions.

I love reading but I definitely don’t spend as much time reading on a daily basis as I’d like too. There’s always something else going on, someone to distract me or another task I should really be completing.

As I’m away for almost eight weeks, I’ve downloaded a lot of books onto my Kindle, but I thought I’d share five of them with you, to give an idea of the kinds of things I’m looking forward to reading.


Monday, 2 November 2015

Beauty: Benefit – How to Look the Best at Everything

Benefit really wins at packaging doesn’t it? I think I would buy the majority of their products based on their appearance alone and the fact that I could fill my room with pretty things.

This kit is definitely no exception, and for an English Lit graduate, anything packaged to look like a book is going to be an instant hit. And of course, I need to know how to look the best at everything.

I love Benefit’s beauty kits; I received mine as a birthday present, and they just make such good gifts. What’s even better is that you get to try out four different products without having to commit to buying the full-sized versions.

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