Monday, 23 November 2015

8 Things I Miss When I’m Away

This photo is from a completely unrelated trip to St Lucia
As you read this I will be four weeks into travelling in Asia, and although (at the time of writing) I’m am so excited to go and am sure I’m having an amazing time, there are always things you miss when away. The home comforts and things you can’t quite squeeze into your suitcase.

This list excludes the obvious ones like friends and family, of course (hi mum)!

My bed

And I don’t mean in the usual way that everyone worships their own bed, but in the sense that it takes me a while to become comfortable sleeping in a new bed. I actually used to have a phobia of sleeping in bed sheets that weren’t my own, but that’s another story.

I’m glad I’ve grown out of that one, because I didn’t fancy dragging my bedding half way across the world.

Certain types of food

I’m not one to miss crazy British foods like marmite and toad in the hole, but I will usually crave specific foods by the end of a holiday. When we were in America I was desperate for vegetables by the end. A lot of the time I’m just sick of eating out by the end of the trip, and want to get back into a normal eating routine.

 I suppose by now, as your reading this, I’m probably getting sick of rice. Or noodles.

The dog

This is a new one for me, as we only got the puppy a few months ago, but I’ve already found myself missing her when I spend a couple of nights away from home.

My skincare routine

Yet another reasonably recent addition to my priorities is my skincare routine. It’s not one I’ve missed before on a holiday, but I can imagine that I’m currently feeling like my skin needs a good pamper.

Having a wardrobe

It’s not so much not having access to all of my clothes, but boy do I hate living out of a suitcase/ backpack. Finding a pair of socks becomes a workout.

Seasonal changes

This is mostly just relevant to extended travels, but I must admit I’m a little bit sad to be missing Halloween, Bonfire Night and the run-up to Christmas, as it’s definitely my favourite time of year.

Straighteners and hairdryer

As my priority had to be packing lightly, these vital pieces of equipment had to be left behind. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve shaved all of my hair off in frustration already.

Knowing where you are when you wake up

There’s just nothing more disorientating than waking up in an unfamiliar place, and convincing yourself you’ve been kidnapped in that groggy half-awakened state. Or is that just me?

Like I said, I am by no means wishing I was home, but I’m definitely going to welcome back these comforts with open arms when I return!

What do you miss the most when you’re away from home?


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