Monday, 7 December 2015

Beauty: Collection Lip Definers

A month or so ago I had a completely unplanned mini beauty haul at Superdrug when I was out shopping with friends.

I was on the hunt for some lip liners when I came across these lip definers by Collection.

Initially, I was drawn to them because the packaging is identical to their eyebrow definer I used to swear by, before Soap and Glory’s Archery stole my heart.

I know that sounds a bit weird - obviously I don’t want my lips to look anything my brows, but I loved the crayon-like, waxy consistency of the eyebrow definer, and thought that if the lip definers were anything like this then I would be a big fan.

Usually I don’t get on with lip liner pencils; I find them hard to use and control, and generally difficult to drag across my lips.

If you also struggle with standard lip pencils, I would definitely recommend Collection’s lip definers. The crayon-like texture glides across your lips and it makes it super easy to colour where you need to. I also find that it blends so much more easily into your lipstick than a pencil as the texture is closer to that of a lipstick, as you can see from the swatches below.

I bought the lip definers in the shades 1 Nude Pink, 4 Pink and 5 Damson, as that was all they had in stock at the time. Damson is perfect for all of my autumnal lip colours at the moment, and I love the way that Nude Pink adds that extra definition to my lips when I’m wearing nude shades.

I’m desperate for one which will work with my red lipsticks, so I’m on the lookout for the rest of the shades in the range every time I’m near a Boots or Superdrug. At just £2.99 each they are my latest beauty essential.

Have you tried the Collection Lip Definers? What are your favourite lip products?


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