Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Sunday Brunch Post, Episode IV

Ah Sunday Brunch, long time no see!

As it's Sunday and the last of the posts I scheduled for when I was away has been and gone, I thought now was the perfect time for a catch-up post. And I've missed my rambling, nonsensical Sunday Brunch Posts, even if no one else has...

So, where to start?! I'm struggling to properly process everything that's happened over the last two months, and it's already beginning to feel like the trip didn't actually happen. In case you've just stumbled across my blog for the first time or just generally have no idea what's going on, I've just got back from a two monthlong trip in Southeast Asia. And it was AMAZING. It was something I wasn't 100% sure about doing, even once I'd made the decision to go, but I can now say (with complete confidence) that I made the right decision. 

As well as getting to see so many new places, I was able to experience new cultures, new foods, and countless new experiences. Of course, I'm going to be writing up a post on each of the places we visited along the way, which will start going up in about a week's time. 

As with my trip around America, I also vlogged the whole two months, so go and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you don't want to miss those!

I'm super excited to get stuck into all this new content, but I'll be mixing it up with the usual theatre, music, beauty and book posts so it won't be too much of a travel overload. 

And now onto the Sunday Brunching!

Things that have kept me entertained:

  • As I'd hoped for, I had a lot of time to read over the two months, and reviews of most of the books I got through will be up on here shortly!
  • I've also been loving Rae Morris' album, Unguarded, so definitely go give her a listen if you haven't come across her before. 
  • Now that I'm back I'm slowly catching up on everyone's Vlogmas. Let me know in the comments if you've been doing Vlogmas and I'll go check it out!

And here's a round-up of all the posts that went up whilst I was away, in case you missed any:


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