Saturday, 26 December 2015

Top 5 Apps for Travelling

From the moment I realised how many apps we were using on a daily basis whilst travelling, I knew I was going to have to write a post about it. And it wasn’t even just that we were using these apps frequently; we were relying on them to give us the information we needed, to find us somewhere to sleep for the night and to get us from A to B.

There is no end of helpful apps out there which could be of use on your travels, but these are my top 5 recommendations, the ones that we couldn’t have survived without on our trip. Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but we certainly would have had a completely different travelling experience!

Underground Apps

So this first one is only relevant for city destinations with an underground/ subway/ metro, but I would definitely recommend downloading the relevant app for whichever city you’re visiting. As well as always knowing where your tube map is (on your phone instead of a scrap of paper lost in the depths of your bag), most apps also have journey planners, live time updates and any important information to do with line closures.


Revolut was the travel cash card we chose to use, primarily because of its excellent exchange rates, but the one reason I would use the card again is because of the ease of operating it from the app. In addition to the quick and simple way you top up the card from the app, it also gives you instant notifications when the card is used and offers an exchange rate calculator, which is extremely useful when you’re mid-haggling for a scarf in a market and can’t divide by 45.67 in your head.

Offline Maps

Before this trip I didn’t even know that offline map apps existed, but I can’t express how useful they were. Although you can sometimes get Google maps or the iPhone maps to show you where you are if you’ve loaded the area whilst connected to WiFi, offline map apps allow you to download the city or country you’re going to and are fully functional when you have no WiFi or 3G connections. That includes showing your current location and giving directions. The app we used was called and it was surprisingly detailed, showing roads that normal maps didn’t.


Agoda was probably the app we used the most for booking accommodation whilst we were away. We booked where we were staying a couple of days in advance throughout the trip and Agoda’s app is one of the best apps I’ve come across for usability. It’s great for backpacker budgets as it features a huge range of hostels, guesthouses and hotels. It also stores all of your booking details really clearly, and offers great filter options when searching. Another thing I love is the ‘What You See is What You Pay’ guarantee; the price the app shows you is the final price, including any tax, booking fees or extra costs.


My last app is a blogger-specific choice, and allowed my blog to continue living whilst I was away. I barely had the time (or the WiFi strength) to keep up to date with social media whilst we were travelling, and so I definitely wouldn’t have had the time to be promoting my scheduled blog posts on the go.  I scheduled everything, from Tweets to Facebook posts to Instagram promotions, and the app was perfect for keeping on top of it all.

Have you used any of these apps before? What are your top travel app recommendations?


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