Thursday, 3 December 2015

What's in my Travel Backpack?

Following on from my What's in my Hand Luggage Bag post, I thought I would share my other packing essentials for the rest of the trip.

Clothing and footwear

I packed all of my clothes into these green dry sacks, which not only keep my belongings dry but reduce the amount of space they take up in my backpack. I've been pretty ruthless with my clothes packing, taking a week's worth of underwear, four pairs of shorts, three playsuits, ten tops, three bikinis, two kimonos and a scarf (for covering up purposes). We're planning on washing our clothes as we go - so this should last me just fine.

I've also got a cap in case I want to keep the sun off my face, walking boots for extended walks and jungle-type trekking, and flip-flops for wearing around hostels and on the beach.

Toiletries, skincare and cosmetics

Although this still looks like quite a lot, it all fits into the wash bags you can see at the back of the photo (minus the wipes and dry shampoo), which is quite impressive for me. I've tried to pack the bare minimum, and my only luxuries really are the Aveda leave-in conditioner and the John Freida lightening spray.

I'm not planning on wearing makeup very often, but I've thrown in foundation, concealer, powder, mascara, eyeliner and an eyebrow pen, for the odd day when I want a bit of coverage.

Backpackers essentials

These are the items that are mostly only relevant for this kind of travelling, but I've got a travel towel, a mosquito net, a waterproof, trekking socks and a wind-up torch.

We're also taking a sleeping bag liner and a pillow case for any accommodation which might feel a little unclean.

Inside the pug bag is all my chargers, wires and adaptors - keeping them easily accessible, untangled and (hopefully) dry!

What do you take when you go travelling? Is there anything else you would add to the essentials?


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