Tuesday, 12 January 2016

5 Albums that Never Get Old

You know what it’s like. You discover a new album and it’s great. So great that you tell everyone it’s your favourite album ever, and you play it on repeat. You set it as your alarm, you listen to it in the shower, on the way to work, at the gym, in the car, and you definitely don’t stand in front of your mirror and sing the entire album back to front in rehearsal for your obviously impending gig at Wembley. Right? But then suddenly it doesn’t sound so great. The songs sound too familiar, like those annoyingly catchy TV ads, and you have to switch stations every time they are played on the radio.

I’ll be honest, I’ve ruined a lot of my favourite albums by overplaying them, and I have to bury the album in my deepest subconscious until they are unfamiliar enough to re-enter my life. It’s dramatic but true.

But then out of nowhere come those albums with which you never get bored. They contain some kind of deep and powerful magic that erases your memory after each listen and keeps the album sounding fresh every time.

I’m by no means stating that the following albums are my all-time favourites. Neither are they the freshest sounding albums, the albums that stay sounding the newest or any other kind of superlative. These are just five albums that came to mind when I thought about those that I can listen to again and again without getting sick of them.

Okay, let’s go…

Hozier – Hozier

This one always surprises me because the songs on the album, although genius, aren’t that dissimilar from one another, and it’s usually these kinds of albums that I wear out fast. But I tell ya, I can listen to this album multiple times a day and still reach for it again. Teach us your magic, Hozier.

Jason Mraz – We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.

I was obsessed with this album when I was about fifteen. Obsessed like I’ve never been with any other album. But I can still listen to the entire album without skipping a song. I’ve got a lot of love for Jason Mraz circa 2008.

The Beatles – 1

I’ve been listening to The Beatles since I was in a show made up of their songs when I was ten, and my fascination with their music has never faltered. Maybe this album is a little cheating, as it’s a compilation album of some of their best tunes which was released in 2000. But it’s still an album that I listen to year after year, so here it is.

Florence + the Machine – Lungs

I played nothing but this album when it was first released, and somehow our relationship is still going strong. I still love it even more than her subsequent albums, and that’s saying a lot.

Sister Act – Original London Cast Recording

I would call this my guilty pleasure choice, except that I have zero feelings of guilt. The Sister Act soundtrack is forever my pick-me-up album when I need reminding that I am a truly sassy gal, who doesn’t take any rubbish from anyone. Or at least like to think I am. Look at me, can’t you see, I’m fabulous babyyyyyy.

I’d love to know the albums that you can listen to on repeat without ever getting bored – let me know in the comments!


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