Sunday, 3 January 2016

Bloggers that Inspired Me in 2015

When I got back from travelling and drafted up a blog schedule for the forthcoming couple of weeks, I had 2016 Goals down for my first post of the year. But when it came to planning the post I realised that I didn’t really have anything to say on the matter. I think that in previous years it would have been an easier post to write, especially when I was still at uni; join a new society, get X grade for the year, find an internship for the summer etc etc. But I’m never one for New Year’s Resolutions either, so rather than root around for a few things I want to achieve just for the sake of the post I thought I would kick off the year by spreading a bit of blogging love.

As I mentioned in Reflections on Blogging So Far and Reflections on 2015, 2015 was the year that I properly threw myself into blogging, and honestly a lot of my motivation was driven by the amazing bloggers I was following and from whom I was continually drawing inspiration.

If I were to mention every blogger who has inspired me over the past year, you’d be looking at a 10,000 word post, so here are five who I particularly look up to and can always count on to boost my blogging ambitions.

Rhianna from robowecop

Rhianna’s blog was one of the first that I started reading religiously at the beginning of the year, and since then she has been everything I aspire to be as a blogger. Her content is consistently great, she takes beautiful photos and her personality thoroughly shines through her writing. Rhianna has also recently started weekly vlogging, which is fab because we all get even more robowecop every week. And having been lucky enough to talk to Rhianna on twitter (still amazed she follows me to be honest), I can confirm that she is a truly lovely gal.

Hannah from Hannah Gale

Hannah is *writing style goals*. She has such a unique voice and style of post. I genuinely believe that if you handed me one of her posts on a blank page, I would still know it was her. As well as her down-to-earth and entirely relatable content, Hannah is something of a comedy genius, and she makes me want to be a wittier writer every single day.

Megs from Wonderful You

Oh, where do I start? Megs’ blog is stunning in every way and she seems like a beautiful person, both inside and out. One of the things I love most about Wonderful You is that it has such a distinct visual approach, and I could spend hours scrolling through even just looking at the photos. But what makes Megs’ blog even stronger is that her written content matches her images. I’m always inspired by how open she is about personal and social issues, and how eloquently she conveys her musings.

Jemma from Dorkface

Jemma is one of the loveliest people on Twitter, and this was definitely reflected in her winning not only Best Up and Coming Lifestyle Blog but also Best Social Media by a Blogger at the Bloggers Blog Awards. Dorkface is such a colourful and bright blog, both aesthetically and in writing, and it’s always one I will go to when I need cheering up. As if all this isn’t enough, Jemma went fully self-employed this year and recently started up the amazing project that is #GirlGang.

Megan from Thumbelina Lillie

Last but most certainly not least, I have adored Megan’s blog over the past twelve months. Thumbelina Lillie is definitely one of the reasons I decided to delve into writing beauty posts, and Megan’s beautiful photography and consistent style inspire me to be a better blogger. Plus she seems like one of the most genuine and sweetest people in the blogosphere and is an all-round bundle of positivity on Twitter.

I am so excited to see what these amazing blogs have in store for us for 2016, and if I could make my blog even a tiny bit as good as theirs I would finish the year a very happy gal.

Which bloggers inspired you in 2015? I would love you to let me know in the comments!


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