Thursday, 29 September 2016

6 Ways to Prepare Your Bedroom for Autumn

Now that September is almost over and the weather is getting noticeably colder (and unfortunately rainier), it's time to accept that autumn has officially arrived. There's definitely a national divide between those who welcome all things autumnal with a lot of festive cheer, and those who dread the darker days and colder weather. Although I love summer, I definitely belong to the side who get excited to wrap up warm in the crisper weather and see the seasonal changes as one step closer to the most festive month of the year.

Whether you love autumn or dread what it brings, it is the best excuse to change up your room and turn it into a cosy escape from outdoor conditions. Having missed most of autumn last year due to travelling Southeast Asia, I am ready and waiting to make the most of every seasonal celebration possible!

Autumnal bedding

Whilst I like to keep my bedding light and bright for most of the year in order to make my room feel as spacious as possible, when it comes to autumn there's nothing more inviting than a warm-toned duvet. This year I've got my eye on this adorable Hedgehogs and Foxes duvet set from George (ASDA).

Thicker duvets

Speaking of duvets, if you're someone who likes to have a lighter duvet during the summer months, now's the time to pull out the heavy duty option.

Throws & blankets

The final bedding essentials for autumnal weather are throws and blankets. And as a general rule, you can never have too many. Checks are a classic autumnal pattern and this red check throw from John Lewis has the added bonus of a faux sheepskin underneath – perfect for rainy evenings watching Netflix, am I right?


Another fabric item that can add that extra autumnal touch to your room is curtains. As well as providing another layer of colour, they have the practical benefit of stopping heat escaping from the room. My new room only has a blind, and a beige one at that, so I’m definitely considering adding curtains now that the colder mornings are on the way. Yorkshire have lots of cheap curtains with great colours and designs, if you’re also looking to add that extra warmth to your room.


As soon as we hit September, all the candles came out in our flat. Not only does candlelight create a really cosy atmosphere, but with all the festive scents available, you can turn your room into an autumnal burrow within seconds.

Fairy Lights

If you want to create the same effect as candles but without the maintenance or fire hazard (obviously not speaking from experience or anything...), fairy lights are always a winner. I love these rattan ball fairy lights from Amazon – they would look great in a glass jar on a bedside table or wrapped around the bed frame.

Do you love autumnal weather or do you prefer to hibernate in your room? Let me know how you’ll be changing up your room over the next month in the comments…

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