Thursday, 22 December 2016

Christmas Gift Guide: Last-minute Ideas for All

Although in an ideal world we would all have finished our Christmas shopping weeks in advance, complete with colour-coded spreadsheets, in the real world that never quite happens. Even for those of us who are organised enough to write lists and get started early, you can never be fully prepared for last-minute changes. I’m talking the deliveries that don’t arrive on time, that friend who suddenly arranges a pre-Christmas rendezvous or the relative that you quite honestly just forgot. So for such last-minute panics, or for those of you who have left all your shopping to these last few days, here’s my list of great gifts that anyone and everyone will love…


Monday, 19 December 2016

Review: This House - Garrick Theatre

This House is a fictional account of the House of Commons during 1974 and 1973, inspired by very real events. James Graham’s play follows the daily conflicts and battles between both Labour and Tory whips during this highly turbulent political period.

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