Saturday, 8 July 2017

5 Reasons to Read Literary Classics

The wonderful Legend Press, who you may have noticed I work with a lot on my blog, have just released a new range of classic titles, and it's got me thinking about why we should still be reading the classics. 

a work of art of recognised and established value.

Although defining a classic is somewhat subjective, it's generally assumed that a classic is a book acknowledged as an outstanding piece of writing, and one that has stood the test of time. Classic books are household names, novels that are found on every school syllabus and stories that are adapted on stage and screen time and time again.

We’ve all read a classic or two (whether forced to or not) but why is it still important to read classics, even once our classroom days are long behind?  

They're loved for a reason

There's a reason these books have stood the test of time and are still being read however many years later; they're amazing stories, fronted by an irresistible protagonist, or discussing universal and timeless themes. 

It makes you a better writer

Sure, to some extent we are taught how to write at school, and become better through our own practice, but to master the skill I fully believe that reading - and more reading - is the answer. Where do classics come into this? Although reading modern books will also help, passages from a hundred or so years ago can give you a much deeper understanding of the English language and its complex grammar. And I'm not suggesting you slave over the pages trying to analyse the language, but simply enjoy the read and let your brain absorb these things naturally.

You learn about history in a subtle way

Learning about history is great, but not all of us have the patience or drive to delve into historical books or documents. In a similar way to the above, the classics are a great way to explore the past, without really intending to do so.

It’s fun to follow literary traces and inspirations

Maybe it's just me, but there's nothing better than reading a book and picking out little nods to classic tales or authors of the past.

It expands your reading pool

In case the current 100,000 plus books that are published in the UK each year aren't enough, you have a backlog of hundreds of years’ worth of books to uncover.

To begin with, I'm giving The Importance of Being Earnest and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland a go. I've not read either before, the first of which seems a crime for an English Lit graduate. Not only am I excited to get stuck into these two titles, but I love the modern and vibrant covers designed by Anna Morrison – a blogger’s dream.

*I was sent these books in exchange for a blog post, but all words and opinions are my own.
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