Monday, 26 November 2018

A Very Very Very Dark Matter - Bridge Theatre

The critical stance on Martin McDonagh’s latest play at The Bridge has been difficult to avoid. Besides a couple of four-star reviews, there were an abundance stamped around the two-star mark. Though I prefer not to read any criticism ahead of seeing a production, particularly if I’m going specifically to review, the consensus that A Very Very Very Dark Matter is a convoluted, bizarre and often offensive piece of theatre has bubbled up and disrupted the surface in a way that’s impossible to ignore. 


Monday, 5 November 2018

Chicago The Musical, Phoenix Theatre: The Verdict

Revivals are equal part safe and risky. Yes, you are guaranteed an audience with an existing connection, but with that connection comes expectations and a scrutinising comparison between the new production and the source material. While a Chicago revival seems like an easy move on paper - the assured level of recognition, interest and ultimately ticket sales - it also exposes the revival to being pitted against every prior production, forces the actors into the shoes of those who tread before them and raises expectations for something bigger, better and bolder than ever before.
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